White Chocolate M&M's
The bag




2008? (for Australia), May 2017 for Revival

Exclusive To

The full year of 2017!


Normal colors from the Original M&M's (Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Brown, Orange)

White Chocolate M&M's was a Flavor M&M's (not confused to the Easter one) was a limited version for Australia only at 2008 (unknown). It was then put in a statement for revival from Mars on this message:

“M&M’S White Chocolate will hit shelves at select food, mass, convenience and drug stores nationwide starting in May 2017 in Singles (1.5 ounces) packs that feature the brand’s iconic colorful candy shells.”


M&M's - White (Australian)00:15

M&M's - White (Australian)

Commercial when it became a limited edition.

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