Hi everyone!

It's me, Famouslogos9098 to announce to be admin.

Roughly 3 years ago one of the admins User:Sonicboy19 has edited from a admin privilege. He last logged in at May 12th, 2015. And yes, I am currently have a reason.

I have to be ready to see me adopt here at The reason why I have to be admin because a user is not putting pages and photos without the on-topic M&M's. It's very bad to have this kind.

Right now, my adoption request could be done and give us admin. With my admin request, I will be doing the following:

  • Taking care and be active on the wikia
  • Block users that are not following the rules simply
  • Editing a lot (with undos, add pages, and more)


  • Being kind and not abuse it.

Anything can be posted here.