Thesaurus was the commercial where it has the thesaurus on M&M's backwards which made the name Plain to Milk Chocolate in 2001.

Commercial First Aired: September 25, 2000

Commercial Last Aired: October 9, 2001


Red: Well, what's it say?

Patrick: Plain. Ordinary, low, simple, dull, boring, average, common, video, verb.

(Red checked the M&M's backwards what it says, "Plain.")

Red: Oh, man. Plain's the worst name ever.

Patrick: No, that would be, "Lucy."

(Screen shows the M&M's bag' backwards what it says, "Plain", and then the bag spins into normal.)

Voice: M&M's, same great chocolate. Much better name.


M&M's - Thesaurus (2001, USA)

M&M's - Thesaurus (2001, USA)