"The Blues" is a commercial from 1996, promoting the then-new blue M&M's.

Commercial First Aired: March 15, 1996

Commercial Last Aired: May 20, 1998

Voice of Yellow: John Goodman

Voice of BB King:

Voice of Director:

Voice of Red: Jon Lovitz

Transcript Edit

(Blue and another blue M&M are dancing and singing)

Blue M&M's: (singing) Yes it's true, we're totally blue, yeah.

(Red and Yellow watch the production, saddened as they can't be in it)

Yellow: I wanna be in this commercial.

Red: You ain't gettin' this job cuz you're not blue.

Yellow: (sarcastically) Great. Well look at that.

Red: They've even got B. B. King singing the blues.

(Yellow dips his finger into a can of blue paint)

Yellow: I wanna be blue.

Red: Wait! (whispers in Yellow's ear)

(Jump cuts to Red and Yellow, now painted blue, dancing to B. B. King's blues music)

B. B. King: (singing) I got the blues, man.

Red: Take me home, B. B.

Yellow: Hurt me, get funky.

(Red and Yellow turn around, causing the director to see their unpainted backs)

Director: Cut, cut!

(Red and Yellow stop dancing)

Director: They're not blue.

Yellow: Uh Oh.

(We see the two blue M&M's who were apparently tied up by Red and Yellow)

Yellow: Uh, The blue M&M's?

Red: Mr. King ate them. One bite, saw it with my own eyes.

(The tag line "The milk chocolate melts in your mouth, not in your hand" appears on-screen, underneath 2 bags. One of Milk Chocolate M&M's and one of Peanut M&M's)