"Puppets" is a commercial from 1998, promoting a $2,000,000 giveaway.

Transcript Edit

(Puppet versions of Red and Yellow are on a puppet stage)

Puppet Red: Hey, Yellow. We're giving away 2 million bucks in honor of the new millennium!

Puppet Yellow: Yeah, the person who finds the special bag of all red millenium M&M's wins!

(Midway through Yellow's sentence, the camera moves down to show the real Red and Yellow)

Real Yellow: Um, Red, why are we doing such a cheap commercial?

Real Red: We're giving away 2 million dollar, we couldn't afford a better one.

(The camera jump-cuts back to the puppets)

Puppet Red and Puppet Yellow: 2 million bucks! Yay!

Notes Edit

  • An instrumental version of "The Candy Man", a song frequently used in 1970's M&M's ads, plays in the background
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