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This article is about Pretzel Guy, a friend of Orange. For the Redirects, see Pretzel (REDIRECT).

Pretzel Guy
Mms pretzel guy





Voice actor

Maurice LaMarche


"Alright, let's get this over with"

First Appearance

Pretzel (Commercial)

Pretzel Guy is a character From the M&Ms brand. He is a very special character because he is one of the ONLY characters from the M&Ms Brand Not to be an M&M. The others being Chocolate Bar and Popcorn Guy. He appears in the Pretzel M&M's Commercials with Orange, and Is Orange's best friend. The name of his voice actor is Maurice LaMarche. His Personality is similar to that of Red's.


Pretzel Guy is a giant, pretzel-shaped Pretzel with Pretzel sticks for his arms and legs. He wears white shoes and white gloves that are identical to the ones the male M&Ms wear. He also has bulgy round eyes and black eyebrows.


  • He is the least Popular and Most Unknown character out of all the M&M Characters. This is probably because he only has appeared in the T.V commercials, and he isn't on any M&M wrappers and no merchandise has been made of him. This may change in the future though.

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