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This article is about Pretzel Guy, a friend of Orange. For the Redirects, see Pretzel (REDIRECT).

Pretzel Guy
Mms pretzel guy






"Alright, let's get this over with"

First Appearance

Pretzel (Commercial)

Pretzel Guy is a character From the M&Ms brand. He is a very special character because he is one of the ONLY characters from the M&Ms Brand Not to be an M&M. The others being Chocolate Bar and Popcorn Guy. He appears in the Pretzel M&M's Commercials with Orange, and Is Orange's best friend. The name of his voice actor is Max Casella. His Personality is similar to that of Red's.


Pretzel Guy is a giant, pretzel-shaped Pretzel with Pretzel sticks for his arms and legs. He wears white shoes and white gloves that are identical to the ones the male M&Ms wear. He also has bulgy round eyes and black eyebrows.


  • He is the least Popular and Most Unknown character out of all the M&M Characters. This is probably because he only has appeared in the T.V commercials, and he isn't on any M&M wrappers and no merchandise has been made of him. This may change in the future though.

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