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This article is about a pretzel commercial. For the Redirects, see Pretzel (REDIRECT).

"Pretzel" Is an M&Ms Commercial promoting the new Pretzel M&Ms. This was the first Pretzel M&M's Commercial, and the first Commercial featuring Pretzel Guy.


Orange: (Talking to a worker) Yeah, I know people love pretzels and chocolate together but now you have taken it too far! I don't care if i'm the official spokescandy for the new Pretzel M&Ms, There is no way that you're puting a giant pretzel inside me!

Pretzel Guy: Listen buddy, I'm not to thrilled about this either.

Orange: (Sees a Pretzel inside of him through an X-ray) Oh boy

Announcer: New M&M's Pretzel. A crunchy pretzel inside an M&Ms.

(Orange and Pretzel Guy Look at Blue Prints of how to get Pretzel Guy inside of Orange)

Pretzel Guy: Alright (Stretches fingers), Let's get this over with.


M&M's - Pretzel (2010, USA)

M&M's - Pretzel (2010, USA)

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