One Candy Shall Stand is a commercial to support The M&Ms Character Vote. This commercial shows Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Crispy/Orange, walking. But,Ms.Green pushes Red to the other guys. And all of the 5 M&Ms are falling and onto the ground.

Script Edit

(The main 5 M&Ms are power walking. They all look good and walking handsome. Red walks out of the line. Then Ms.Green pushes Red to Yellow and Crispy. And Red pushes Ms.Green and Blue. And all of them start falling to the ground. They all lie down on the ground,and they're groaning.)

Announcer: 5 M&Ms characters, But only 1 will come out on top. Vote for your favorite character at so you can win $50,000.

Trivia Edit

  • Some people said that this commercial looked like on of the Monsters,Inc. outtakes. So few days after the commercial was uploaded,MandMs Commercial uploaded the same commercial,and the Monsters,Inc outtake. Which both of them are the same resemblance.
  • This is the first commercial to support The M&Ms Character Vote.
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