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Ms. Green
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"I melt for no one."




Simple candlelit Paris.

Spokescandy for:

Almost every kind of M&M's.

Voice actor:

Cree Summer

Ms. Green  is an M&Ms spokes candy and a sexy beast of a chocolate, she is able to seduce all the hungry male M&Ms and lures them into her green chocolate body. "I melt for all men..." 


Ms. Green is a round green M&M, similar to Red. She wears a pair of white high heeled boots and a pair of white gloves. Like the other M&Ms, she has black eyebrows.

Flavors and Wrappers That Ms. Green appears onEdit

Ms. Green is the Mascot of Peanut Butter M&Ms, So she has appeared on the wrappers of Peanut Butter M&Ms ever since she was introduced. Ms. Green also appears on the wrappers of Coconut M&Ms with a pink flower on her "head". She also appears on the single serve wrappers of Dark Chocolate M&Ms, But as of 2012, Red and Blue appear on Dark Chocolate M&Ms. She also appears on the new Mint Dark Chocolate M&Ms. She is a peanut butter M&M.


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