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Ms. Green
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"I melt for no one."




Simple candlelit Paris.

Spokescandy for:

Almost every kind of M&M's.

Voice actor:

Cree Summer

Ms. Green  is an M&Ms spokes candy and a sexy beast of a chocolate, she is able to seduce all the hungry male M&Ms and lures them into her green chocolate body. "I melt for no one..." 


she's just the sexier version of the male m&ms. honestly wtf why are you sexualizing a fucking M&M??? JUST FUCKING EAT THE BITCH NO ONE CARES ABOUT IF SHE WEARING THOSE FUCKING HIGH HEEL BOOTS AND GLOVES. SHE JUST HAS EYELASHES AND WEIRD LOOKING ASS LIPS. WYD???

Flavors and Wrappers That Ms. Green appears onEdit

Ms. Green is the Mascot of Peanut Butter M&Ms, So she has appeared on the wrappers of Peanut Butter M&Ms ever since she was introduced. Ms. Green also appears on the wrappers of Coconut M&Ms with a pink flower on her "head". She also appears on the single serve wrappers of Dark Chocolate M&Ms, But as of 2012, Red and Blue appear on Dark Chocolate M&Ms. She also appears on the new Mint Dark Chocolate M&Ms. She is a peanut butter M&M.


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