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Ms. Green
"I Melt for No One"



Spokescandy for:

Almost every kind of M&M's.


Old enough to know better.


How dare you!


Simple candlelit Paris.


Men and women who stare.



Significant Other

Ms. Brown

Ms. Green is an M&Ms spokescandy and is the mascot for a few different flavors of M&MS, although her "main flavor" is Peanut Butter M&Ms. Ms. Green was the only female M&M character until Ms. Brown was revealed in 2012. She is a diva and and always gets what she wants. All of the male M&Ms are attracted to her, as seen in many commercials. Red, Yellow, and Blue usually fight over her, but she doesn't actually like any of them romantically. Ms. Green is voiced By Cree Summer. Ms. Green's Catch phrases are, "Go buy a bag!" and "I Melt for No One!"


Ms. Green is round (as she is a Milk Chocolate M&M), like Red, Orange, and Ms. Brown, and she is (obviously) the color grass. She Wears white Gloves with cuffs on them, and white high heel Boots with a silver "M" on each of them. it is unknown if she wears green lipstick or if her lips are just green. She has Three long, black, eyelashes on each eye and she has thin black eyebrows like the rest of the M&Ms. She appears to be taller than Red and Orange, and her boots don't count because she can slay any day.

Flavors and Wrappers That Ms. Green appears on

Ms. Green is the Mascot of Peanut butter M&Ms, So she has appeared on the wrappers of Peanut Butter M&Ms ever since she was introduced. Ms. Green Also appears on the wrappers of Coconut M&Ms with a pink flower on her body. She also Appears on the single-serve wrappers of Dark chocolate M&MS, But as of 2012, Red and Blue appear on dark chocolate M&MS. She also appears on the new Mint dark chocolate M&MS. Many People think she is a milk chocolate M&M, But she is a peanut butter M&M.