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Ms. Brown
"There's some stardust on your lips"
Vital statistics
Title DooDoo Queen
Gender unknown
Race m&m
Faction wtf does this mean??
Health unlimited
Level 99 (hardest boss in the game)
Status deceased
Location hell

Ms. Brown is the newest M&Ms Spokescandy to date, and is the "Chief Chocolate Officer" of M&Ms. She is voiced by Vanessa Williams.


she just looks like shit. nothing else really.

Flavors and Wrappers That Ms. Brown has Appeared On.Edit

honestly tastes like shit. don't eat this bitch shes nasty ass fuck doodoo looking headed ass

Abilities Edit

Dayon: Special attack. Yells a horrendous roar, lowering all stats. It may also paralyze the player for few seconds

Gallery Edit

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