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Ms. Brown
is the newest M&Ms Spokescandy to date, and is the "Chief Chocolate Officer" of M&Ms. She is voiced by Vanessa Williams.


Ms. Brown has thin brown glasses. She has brown lipstick, making her lips look brown. She has black eyes, and each of her eyes have one long black eyelash. She also has black eyebrows like the rest of the M&Ms Characters.

Flavors and Wrappers That Ms. Brown has Appeared On.Edit

Ms. Brown does not appear on the wrapper of TGd the All Brown Bag or find Brown For Short. (for more info on that contest, look at the find an all brown bag Pages). Ms. Brown is the Mascot for the contest, So she now appears on the wrappers of King size and larger bags of M&Ms. The Flavors Milk Chocolate, Peanut, Peanut Butter, and Pretzel, replacing Red, Yellow, Ms. Green, and Orange for a limited time. She (Please fix this part if you can.)


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