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Ms. Brown
"The Smart One"





Type of M&M

Milk Chocolate, "Original"


Business, Reading, and Her Job as Chief Chocolate Officer


"It Doesn't Get Better Than The Original"



Ms. Brown is The Newest M&Ms Spokescandy to date, and is the "chief chocolate officer" of M&Ms. She is the second Female M&M, the first being Ms. Green. She is voiced by Vanessa Williams and she debuted during a super bowl commercial in February 2012. It is Thought that she Runs The M&Ms Company. She is very professional and takes things very seriously, especially the M&Ms Company. She hasn't appeared in too many commercials yet, but this is understandable since she only came out in February 2012. So far the Only M&M Character she has interacted with is Red. Her catchphrase is "it doesn't get better than the original!" She is The Spokescandy for Milk Chocolate M&Ms, Along side Red. This is because She is An Original, All Brown M&M (when All the M&Ms were Brown and there were no colors). She is Labeled as "The Smart One". Other than that, not much is known about her.


Ms. Brown is an original all brown M&M. She is (obviously) the Color Brown. She wears White High Heel Shoes, and she wears a pair of white gloves. Her gloves have Cuffs on them, and on the cuffs there are silver "M" Cuff Links. She Also has a Pair of Dark Red/Dark Brown Glasses. She has Brown Lips That Look Like Lipstick, Black Eyes, and each of her eyes have one long black eyelash. She also has Black eyebrows like the rest of the M&Ms Characters.

Flavors and Wrappers That Ms. Brown has Appeared On.Edit

Ms. Brown Does not appear on the wrapper of Milk Chocolate M&Ms even though she is a spokescandy for them. She is not a spokescandy for any other flavors yet, so she Does not appear on M&Ms Wrappers yet. In April 2012, M&Ms Started a contest Called Find the All Brown Bag or find Brown For Short. (for more info on that contest, look at the find an all brown bag Page). Ms. Brown is the Mascot for the contest, So she now appears on the wrappers of King size and larger bags of M&Ms. The Flavors Include Milk Chocolate, Peanut, Peanut Butter, And Pretzel, Replacing Red, Yellow, Ms. Green, And Orange for a limited time.  She also now appears on the holiday wrappers of Peanut Butter M&M's.


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