Monkey See, Monkey Do is an M&Ms ad. In this one, Red and Yellow try to get The Minis into their tubes by jumping into a giant tube, but the minis throw them into a garbage truck.

Script Edit

Red: I have an idea. If we go into this tube, the minis will go into their tubes. Monkey see, monkey do.

(Red and Yellow get into the tube and are picked up by the minis in the shape of a gorilla)

Minis: Ooh Ooh, Ah Ah.

(The Minis throw Red and Yellow into a garbage truck, causing them to fall out and trash to spill everywhere)

Minis: Do it! Do it!

(The minis pull a lever)

Red: Back in the tube

Yellow: Why?

(Trash falls onto Red and Yellow)

Red: That's why

Announcer: M&M's Minis, tons of chocolate candies searching for a mouth.


M&M's Minis - Monkey See (2000, USA)00:31

M&M's Minis - Monkey See (2000, USA)


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