Commercial First Aired: January 31, 2009

M&M's Mona Lisa

M&M's Mona Lisa

Commercial Last Aired: February 7, 2010

Transcript Edit

(Scene: Living Room)

Chick: One for Mona, one for me.

Dude: It's a work of art!

Red M&M: Let's get the camera.

(As they walk away, Yellow walks in, and reveals to be a Mona Lisa painting made of M&M's.)

Yellow: Sheesh, what a mess. (places the M&M's back in a bowl and spots Red to see what he had done) All tidy!

Voice Vo: M&M's. Have 'em at your Super Bowl party.

Yellow: Can I get up now?

Red M&M: Don't even think about it. (Red snaps it, and sees Yellow having a Mona Lisa cosplay.)