mini m&m easter eggs are Australian easter eggs. They are normal milk chocolate eggs with mini m&m's inside it. They are available at Australian retail stores such was Woolworths and Kmart. These are not Speckled eggs they are just chocolate.

Other Packs Containing These Eggs Edit

Other easter eggs that have these are the m&m's and more eggs. They also contain mini Mars eggs and Maltesers eggs. The other 2 easter egg packs can be also in a single pack like the m&m ones.

Available At These Retail Stores Edit

Woolworths Supermarket Edit

Big W Discount Department Store Edit

Kmart Discount/Department Store Edit

Coles Supermarket Edit

ALDI Supermarket Edit

Trivia Edit

These are so far the only milk chocolate flavoured eggs others are speckled or crunchy.

These are the second m&m treat that is only in Australia

This is ALDI's first time selling m&m's.


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