Register RedEdit

  • Red: Oh yeah, you make the right decision and NOT register with Blue!

Register YellowEdit

  • Yellow: I'm lonely! (sobs) Do you want to register with me?

Register Ms. GreenEdit

  • Ms. Green: Oh come on, baby. Press my button.

Register BlueEdit

  • Blue: Look, look, look. When it comes to registering with one of us, I know you make the right decision. You will make the right decision. You look smart.

Register OrangeEdit

  • Orange: Just click on my button to register. There's a few forms for you to fill out before I can trust you.

The ArgumentEdit

  • Yellow: You're a wranger, Red. Reeeed. You're a wranger. Heh!
  • Red: WRANGER? Yellow, don't even start! You nut!
  • Yellow: Say it to my face. What are you, yellow?

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