M&M's Premiums - Mint is a commercial made for the short-lived M&M's Premiums, for 2008 with 3 commercials. In this ad, Ms. Green promotes the Mint flavor.


  • (Music starts playing, Ms. Green will show her spinning, a M&M covered in mint from the Bag, and etc.)
  • Green: Mmm. Mint Chocolate M&M's Premiums. Premium chocolate, infused with cool intensity of mint.
  • (We see Ms. Green blowing Mint Leaves, in the grass, etc.)
  • Green: Oh. The chocolate experience you've been waiting for.
  • (Red, Yellow, and Blue look at Ms. Green. Ms. Green can be seen sitting in the chocolate fountain.)
  • Green: I'd say that's a wrap. I'll be in my trailer.
  • (Screen shows the 5 M&M's Premium flavors.)
  • Green: M&M's Premiums. In 5 fabulous flavors.


M&M's Premiums - Mint (2008, USA)00:31

M&M's Premiums - Mint (2008, USA)

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