Mars inc. has recently introduced the new caramel M&M's. The spokes candies had a long group talk as they signed this flavor a caramel piece who looks a little out of shape for most of them.

Transcript Edit

  • Red: Do we really have to choose him to be our next spokesperson?
  • Ms. Brown: Seems like a good fit.
  • Blue: But he's so boring.
  • Red: (yawning) I'm yawning just talking about him.
  • Ms. Green: Well, it's our job to change that.
  • Orange: Uh, guys? I think he can hear us.
  • Caramel piece guy: hmm. Sounds like you're on the fence. Why won't I just leave you my resume? (chuckles) If yes, It's laminated.
  • Red: Mm... No thanks
  • Yellow: You're hired!
  • (view of half pieces of an M&M attached together putting the caramel guy inside saying, "ow." then view of the new Caramel M&M's for 30 sec airing/view of both new Caramel M&M's and half pieces of an M&M attached together putting the Caramel guy saying, "ow." for 15 sec airing)
  • Vo: (30 sec airing)Caramel has been square for far too long. Introducing new caramel M&M's./Try Caramel M&M's/(15 sec airing) Try the new Caramel M&M's.
M&M’S® Caramel Group Talk 3000:31

M&M’S® Caramel Group Talk 30

M&M’S® Caramel Group Talk 1500:16

M&M’S® Caramel Group Talk 15

MnMs3 zps6b94c7ca

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