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Green's Arrival was a commercial around the 1990's to introduce Red and Yellow... Ms. Green!


  • (We are in the SNL room. We see Dennis Miller along with Red and Yellow.)
  • Red: Well Dennis, what happened is-
  • Dennis: Is simply interesting Red, but it is now time to bring our next guest. She is a 60's spokes-candy.... Green!
  • (Red pushes Yellow to the sofa, falling down to the floor. Music then plays and Applause is heard when Green appears. Red then feels uncomfortable meeting her.)
  • Dennis: So sweety, you have been busy.
  • Green: Well, my new movie is opening, and no Dennis, I don't remove my shell.
  • Dennis: Of course not.
  • Green: And you know that, my book.
  • (Dennis shows the book titled I Melt For No One.)
  • Dennis: Bitter sweet by no one by I Melt For No One.
  • Green: It's changing minds.
  • Red: Hey babe, call me if you want to do commercials. (makes sound on his tongue and month)
  • Green: (chuckles) Well, I don't do commercials.
  • Dennis: (chuckles) Well, that will kill your career!
  • (We then see a zoomed out SNL room. Some audience appears along with Yellow trying to get back to the sofa but failed. We also see M&M's Plain (which is now Milk Chocolate) and M&M's Peanut bags with the slogan The milk chocolate melts in your mouth, not in your hand. along with the website


M&M's - Green's Arrival00:31

M&M's - Green's Arrival

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