Green's Arrival was a commercial around the 1990's to introduce Red and Yellow... Ms. Green!


  • (We are in the SNL room. We see Dennis Miller along with Red and Yellow.)
  • Red: Well Dennis, what happened is-
  • Dennis: Is simply interesting Red, but it is now time to bring our next guest. She is a 60's spokes-candy.... Green!
  • (Red pushes Yellow to the sofa, falling down to the floor. "Sugar Sugar" by the Archies then plays and Applause is heard when Green appears. Red then feels uncomfortable meeting her.)
  • Dennis: So sweety, you have been busy.
  • Green: Well, my new movie is opening, and no Dennis, I don't remove my shell.
  • Dennis: Of course not.
  • Green: And you know that, my book.
  • (Dennis shows the book titled I Melt For No One.)
  • Dennis: Bitter sweet by no one by I Melt For No One.
  • Green: It's changing minds.
  • Red: Hey babe, call me if you want to do commercials. (makes sound on his tongue and month)
  • Green: (chuckles) Well, I don't do commercials.
  • Dennis: (chuckles) Well, that will kill your career!
  • (We then see a zoomed out SNL room. Some audience appears along with Yellow trying to get back to the sofa but failed. We also see M&M's Plain (which is now Milk Chocolate) and M&M's Peanut bags with the slogan The milk chocolate melts in your mouth, not in your hand. along with the website


M&M's - Green's Arrival

M&M's - Green's Arrival

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