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"Faint" is a commercial where Red and Yellow finds Santa when suddenly they both exist and Red and Santa faints.

Script Edit

  • Red: OW!
  • Yellow: So you think Santa will like these red and green m&ms?
  • Red: I don't know. I never met the guy.
  • Santa: WHAH!!
  • Santa: They DO exist!
  • (Both Santa and Red faints and candle falls out of red's hand)
  • Yellow: Uh... Santa?

Watch commercial Edit

M&M's - Faint (1996, USA)00:16

M&M's - Faint (1996, USA)

M&M'S "Faint"00:16

M&M'S "Faint"

M&M'S "Faint" Commercial00:16

M&M'S "Faint" Commercial

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