"Cherry" is an M&Ms Commercial that is apart of the "Reunite M" Series of commercials. It Features Red as the main spokescandy, with his new job of being an oregon cherry since the M&Ms split up.


Director: Take Five!

Worker: (to Red) Hey, You're one of those M&Ms!

Red: Nah, We Split. Time To go our seperate ways. I'm The Oregon Cherry Guy Now good one this is fun it's fun to Jerry we we we we… Darren this is who he is I was saying Yellow yes Red goalie

Worker: You Don't really look like a cher...(another worker puts a green stem on Red) There it is.

(Screen Cuts to the Reunite M Logo with the M&Ms walking away from each other waving goodbye, but Yellow stays because he is confused)

Announcer: The M&M's Split up! Reunite M by looking under the wrapper and you could win $100,000!


M&M's - Cherry (2011, USA)00:18

M&M's - Cherry (2011, USA)

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