"Cherry" is an M&Ms Commercial that is apart of the "Reunite M" Series of commercials. It Features Red as the main spokescandy, with his new job of being an oregon cherry since the M&Ms split up.


Director: Take Five!

Worker: (to Red) Hey, You're one of those M&Ms!

Red: Nah, We Split. Time To go our seperate ways. I'm The Oregon Cherry Guy Now.

Worker: You Don't really look like a cher...(another worker puts a green stem on Red) There it is.

(Screen Cuts to the Reunite M Logo with the M&Ms walking away from each other waving goodbye, but Yellow stays because he is confused)

Announcer: The M&M's Split up! Reunite M by looking under the wrapper and you could win $100,000!


M&M's - Cherry (2011, USA)

M&M's - Cherry (2011, USA)