blue Man Is an M&Ms Commercial Where Blue Joins The Blue Man Group. This Commercial was apart of the "Reunite M" Series of Commercials, and one of the few commercials to have Blue as the main Spokescandy.


Blue: (talking to someone on the phone) Hello I'm done being an M&M's spokes candyitoh Jan say yes all is well I say I waws day happy bad day do you happy birthday to you happy birthday dear David happy birthday to you

Man: Mr. Blue.

Blue: Yes, Yes yes . (hug) I've got a new gig now, and it's a perfect fit Dad. (gave a thumbs up to the man.)

(Screen cuts to Blue and the rest of the blue man group getting ready to play the colored drums, and they begin. Screen cuts into the sign where it says, "Reunite M:, and you could win $100,000" and Red, Yellow, Miss Green, Blue, and Orange are walking, and waving goodbye to each other, but Yellow stayed, because he was confused.)

Voice: The M&M's split up. Reunite 'em by looking under the wrapper, and you can win $100,000.

(Screen cuts into Blue and the rest of the blue people playing the colored drums.)


M&M's - Blue Man (2011, USA)

M&M's - Blue Man (2011, USA)