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Karamatsu Matsuno
Blue mm
“A toast to your eyes”




his karamatsu girls, dramatic quotes, 25 cent gold necklace, his brothers (even though they hate him)

Spokescandy for:

Karamatsu girls

Voice actor:

Yuichi Nakamura


-10 (weakest boss)

Karamatsu is shown to be confident and full of energy and "charisma," yet is often oblivious and clueless to what is actually going on around him. He tends to take everything presented to him very, very seriously, and often speaks in a drawn-out, poetic fashion.

He tries desperately to be cool using his old-school razzle dazzles and black leather jackets, in an attempt to capture the hearts of ladies and men alike. These attempts, more often than not, backfire horribly.

Karamatsu often speaks in confident one-liners that are meant to make him sound cool and awesome, but little to none of these lines are actually entertained by others and are usually simply ignored, much to his dismay. He always seems to bounce back in the end, however, showing his determination and dedication to the ever-confident casanovan front he puts on.

Apparently, his brothers couldn't care less about him, as evidenced when they did not bother rescuing him when he was kidnapped by Chibita in Episode 5A. This, alongside his other laughable antics, marks him as the most prominent comic relief character--he is even described by his voice actor, Yuichi Nakamura, as appearing "just for laughs."


Karamatsu is a painful human being. He wears leather jackets, skull belts and sparkling pants.

Abilities Edit

Karamatsu is the weakest boss in the game. He is very easily defeated. Just punch him in the face and he will die.

Painful: The only move he knows. He will spout out painful lines such as "The wind is crying" It isn't really effective as it will only increase your hate and strength. Try again, Shittymatsu.

Flavors and Wrappers That Karamatsu has appeared onEdit

Second to Orange, Karamatsu has appeared on the least number of flavors and wrappers than the rest of the M&Ms. At First he only appeared on Almond M&Ms, Then Single Serve Almond M&Ms were discontinued. Now, Almond M&Ms are only avalible in Sharing Size Bags or Large Bags, and Karamatsu appears on the wrappers of both. As of the 2011-2012 redesign, Karamatsu appears with his "Karamatsu girls" on the big bag of Dark Chocolate M&Ms, and with Yellow on the big bag of dark chocolate peanut M&Ms. He is very painful.


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