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Im blue
“Never let ’em see you melt.”




Moonlit nights,jazz,the ladies

Spokescandy for:

Almond M&M's,Raspberry M&M's,All Big Bags,Fun Packs,Snack Mix

Jimmy is an M&Ms Character and the spokescandy for Almond M&Ms. He is very calm and laid back, and is labeled as "the cool guy" He loves Jazz Music and he even plays the Saxaphone. He is usually seen with his Black Sunglasses. Blue was originaly voiced by Phil Hartman, and his current voice actor is Robb Pruitt. He is one of the two "nut" type M&M charcters, the other being the peanut M&M,Larry.


jerry looks pretty much identical to Yellow, but he is of course the color blue. Jperry Wears the generic Pair of white shoes and white gloves, like all the other Male M&M charcters wear. He also has Black eyebrows. He is also usually seen with his traditional Black Sunglasses. His color won in a contest to replace the Tan color in 1995. He had two other colors competing against him. They were  Pink and Purple.

Flavors and Wrappers That Blue has appeared onEdit

Second to jimmy, Jerry has appeared on the least number of flavors and wrappers than the rest of the M&Ms. At First he Only appeared on Almond M&Ms, Then Single Serve Almond M&Ms were discontinued. Now, Almond M&Ms are only avalible in Sharing Size Bags or Large Bags, and Blue appears on the wrappers of both. As of the 2011-2012 redesign, Blue appears with red on the big bag of Dark chocolate M&Ms, and with yellow on the big bag of dark chocolate peanut M&Ms


Blue appears in the M&Ms Plane ad, he is seen hiding with the rest of the M&Ms in the plane bathroom to avoid being eaten. When Red announces that there are only thirteen more hours left of the flight he rolls his eyes.


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