Become a M is a commercial in the Europe at the 2000's. Red, Ms. Green, and Yellow are parodized on become a celebrity shows and rate Peanuts.



  • (This is my dream is sung and shows Become a M logo. We then see Red, Ms. Green, and Yellow on the judges set.)
  • Yellow: No, too big. Too little.
  • (We zoom to Red.)
  • Red: Yeah, we are really tough when it comes to selecting our peanuts.
  • (Ms. Green is laughing by some Peanuts, when Yellow rated peanuts still.)
  • Yellow: (sigh) Next!
  • (We see Red and Yellow making happy poses when Red is making a Peace Sign.)


  • (Das ist mein Traum ist gesungen und zeigt Werde ein M Logo. Wir sehen dann Rot, Frau Green und Gelb auf die Richter gesetzt.)
  • Gelb: Nein, er schmeckt schlecht. Zu klein.
  • (Wir zoomen zu Rot.)
  • Rot: Ich weiß, es ist schwer, wenn es alle die besten Erdnüsse wählt.
  • (Frau Green lacht von einigen Erdnüssen, als Gelb die Erdnüsse noch.)
  • Voiceover: Ausgewählte Erdnüsse in leckerer Schokolade für die beste Qualität. M & M's. Das M macht einen Unterschied.


  • Difference between the English version and German version is:
    • German version is 4 seconds long than the English version.
    • Background set is different.
    • The dipping part of peanut which is covered in chocolate is cut in the English version.
    • Different begining, which the M is different, which the English is Red and Turquoise on German.


M&M's - Become an M (2000's, Europe)00:14

M&M's - Become an M (2000's, Europe)

English version

M&M's - Become an M (German)00:17

M&M's - Become an M (German)

German version

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